Magnet Turret

The Magnet Turret.

Magnet Turret is a turret in Portal 2 Episode 1. When it opens, it shoots magnetic waves that attract metalic objects to the turret. This turret cant attack, but the flying metalic objects may hit you.


Size: The same as a Sentry Turret.

Shooting speed: 1 magnetic wave per second. (2 if counting the 2 "arms".)

Eye/Laser color: Eye is a lemon. Eye color is lime with light yellow-green. The laser color is dark lime.

Projectile Wide: About 1,3x the size of Chell.

Projectiles per volley: 2.
Magnet Turret2

No, I did not forgot about the antenna in the top. I just was lazy to draw it.

Projectile appearance: A transparent-white ring.