This mod adds a new storyline, new levels, and new items to Portal 2, episode 1! 25 Test Areas with 5 Tests each, with a Boss at the end of each Test Zone.


You wake up.

Looking at the sun.

Your free.

You travel around a bit, revealing this was just a Hologram.

The room turns into a test room, and a huge screen appears.

On it, is the vengeful face of GLADoS...But, she is gone! And robots dont have faces..

GLaDOS..?: I was just testing how joyful you would be if i gave you a....chance.

GLaDOS: Oh, we have not met.

???: I am ETHErAL.

ETHErAL: I am GLaDOS creator.

You: *Gasp*

ETHErAL: Mwehehehehe...Well, now time for the TEST!!!!

The portal gun from your adventures falls in front of you. A blueprint of it appears (This is the Controls menu)

Click: Blue portal

Right click: Orange portal

Right click and left click at same time: Pick up Cube

Right click and left click at same time during above: Release Cube 

Middle click: Shoot Laser

Hold down middle click for 5 seconds, the release: Shoot Rocket

ETHErAL: I modified it a bit.

ETHErAL: Anyways...

The door to the Test Hub (Etheral mod) Opens, and you go into it.


Test area 1Edit

Test 1Edit

There is a cube in the middle. Put the cube on the button, the open the door.

ETHErAL: Good job. Lets try something more complex.

Test 2Edit

There is a Glass Cube in the middle. Line that cube up with the Laser Activator, Then go into the door.

Test 3Edit

ETHErAL: No, im not gone.

Use the portal to reach the ledge.

Test 4Edit

ETHErAL: Momentum. Speedy thing goes in, speedy thing goes out.

Use momentum to get to the other ledge.


Attempt to defeat C.U.B.E.!

ETHErAL: Good job destroying that Rouge Test subject.

The door to the Test Hub then opens.

This concpetion is a Stub. Please refrain from heavy Critisizm, as what is true now may not be true in the final verstion.