Taimotorabaru is a boss on Portal II: Episode I. He is a giant system with time traveling stuff designed by ECRaHKS. The name "Taimotorabaru" is a pun on "Taimo Toraberu", wich means "Time Travel" in Japanese.


Hits to be killed: 3.

Attacks: Time freeze, open portal void, shoot missile.


Warning: May have spoilers.

First cutscene:

ECRaHKS: Well, Chell, you have gone so far, your journey will stop in just a little "time", literally...

You see a robot being built.

Second cutscene:

TMTRB (Abbreviation for Taimotorabaru): You know, there's a word I like? Time paradox. It's a fun word, and also a fun way to kill we both. Don't you wanna die a bit?

Taimotorabaru hands the Paradox Gun.

Third cutscene:

TMTRB: Hahaha! You're dead! Can you believe that? Oh, you cant hear me. Maybe if I get to the past a bit you will get noticed.

Alternate third cutscene:

TMTRB: My timeline is destroyed! Noooooooooo! Argh... ECRaHKS... Will kill... You... later... 

TMTRB explodes and the Paradox Gun falls of him.